Postcards from South Korea!

07 Dec 2021

Postcards from South Korea!

The South Korean experience has ended but not without leaving lots of memories worth cherrishing and sharing. As you might know already, the Czech national futnet team composed of three players from Čakovice and one from Vsetín and led by coach Martin Spilka has travelled to South Korea and took part in two Jokgu tournaments.

Apart from being a sport oriented journey it was also a memorable cultural experience. It was not all about competition but also about discovering South Korea’s main attractions, its traditional food, in short it was about tasting the East Asian culture while familiarizing with its national sport. The 12 days experience brought us not only a stronger relation between futnet and jokgu thanks to the MO signed between UNIF and the Jokgu Association of South Korea but also a lifetime memory along with new perspectives regarding the worldwide expansion of futnet.

Many thanks to all that made our experience unforgettable! We sincerely hope to welcome you next year in Prague for The World Futnet Championship!

Click on the links bellow to watch some moments from this amazing experience: