WOW!!! Best word to describe the 100 years anniversary edition of Futnet World Championships in Czech Republic, Prague

10 Noi 2022

"WOW!!! Best word to describe the 100 years anniversary edition of Futnet World Championships in Czech Republic, Prague. I am remembering that 10 years ago I came in contact with the Czech futnet and it stole my heart on the moment and it determined me to get involved in developing this sport. During this 10 years I have seen how UNIF developed step by step, attracting more and more countries and improving the playing level. All this development was possible thanks to the Czechs who were the engine that pulls all countries towards growth. Everything culminated with this extraordinary event in the place where this sport was born!

An extraordinary audience, impeccable organization, a high-level performance by the participating teams. Český Nohejbal, you did an extraordinary job in organizing such a special and wonderful event!

Everybody from all over the world knows that the Czechs are the best, they invented this sport, they developed this sport and they teached all the nations about this sport, but sometimes the students surpass the teacher and that is how we know that the teacher is a master!

Without Czechs, this sport would not be at this level of performance. All development is thanks to them. They have always offered us the highest level of play, and thus the other nations managed to develop. What happened during this weekend in Prague, was the proof that the Czechs did their job very well, they raised futnet level all over the world.

In 12 years of UNIF’s existence, Czech assumed the role of power in this sport and they helped in the development in all the countries that accepted this dare, proving altruism and assuming „the big brother role”. Without pretending to mention all those who deserve it, I mention the names of Mr. President Kamil Klenik, coach Petr Gulda, and players Jan Vanke, Ondřej Vít . Every time they were asked for help, they were there for us without hesitation. All valuable players from the Czech Republic helped futnet to develop, but only the most famous ones from recent years were mentioned!

Even though it is heartbreaking the fact they didn’t get a gold medal, I want to assure Czech Republic that they are considered the strongest in this sport by every nation.

In conclusion, I want to send a big thank you to Mr. Kamil Klenik, Mr. Martin Flekac, to Český Nohejbal and to all the participating nations!”

- Sorin Bogdan UNIF Vice-President